“Green Circle Salons …the “new guy in town”! The company that allows us to hold our heads high once again for our profession! Until GCS came along I was really twisted about what was happening in our profession and the serious damage salons were doing to the environment. So thank you for allowing my consciousness to be cleared and moreso, proud to move forward with creating the way we were meant to for our clients. Thank you GCS, thank you!!!”

Tracy K’


“At James Brett we were excited to bring Green Circle into our salons almost 6 years ago. We are so happy to be partnered with a company who cares about the environment as much as we do. Being passionate about what we do everyday, we didn’t anticipate any problems from our guests with the small environmental fee being applied to their service….We weren’t disappointed, 99% were only too happy to pay and some even offered more. In these times people want to help reduce their impact on the environment in any way they can; it makes our guests feel good and our employees proud to be associated with companies that really help make a difference in our world today.”

Barb Thomson

James Brett Coiffure

“We are very proud to be a member of Green Circle Salons and what the company stands for environmentally and the positive impact they are having in our industry. The bulk of salon services are chemically based and very harmful to the environment. Our clients do realize this and understand the small eco-fee surcharge is going to have a huge impact collectively if all salons would get on board to do complete recycling in the salon. Before we recycled we had approximately 4 to 5 contractor bags full of cardboard boxes from colour tubes, foils, plastic backbar bottles, not to mention the chemicals that went into the water supply . Now we have one small garbage bag a week. All of our staff are very proud to work for a salon that cares about the environment!”

Linda Clifford & Cathy Hogan

Owners of Franselly Hair Design & Spa

“Being an Aveda salon, we think it is our responsibility to lead the charge for a sustainable future. Our whole team and our guests were all excited to be involved in this new and exciting revolution. Green Circle has been a big part of what we do in the salon and guests love the story that their haircut is saving the planet. Other salons in the area are also hearing the noise that we are making for a sustainable change in the salon business.

The ECI cost has not been a factor at all with our guests. If anyone has a question on their price, our frontline is very knowledgeable in where the hair, colour and foil goes and explains (if necessary) what Green Circle is and that it’s a service that we pay for. In the 3 years that we have been with Green Circle not one guest has complained.”

Ian Hearth

Storm Hair Group

“All of our clients have reacted amazingly well to the program. At the end of the day, it makes you feel good to be contributing to the health of our planet… You don’t want to feel guilty about something that’s supposed to make you feel relaxed and beautiful. So now going to the salon is like a guilt-free service. And it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Martin Hillier

Co-owner, The Lounge Hair Studio

“Our Curly Girls joined the Green Conversations and we haven’t looked back since!!! In less than a year, partnering with Green Circle Salons has allowed us to feel even more proud of what we do and how we are doing it differently. From re-cycling all our plastic product bottles, to our foils, to having our clients and staff know that all the curly hair we collect is being used for great causes. Our staff is ecstatically excited, our customers will be delighted, and we will earn even more savings as we continue our growth of being more sustainable! The team at Green Circle Salons have been mentors in igniting the Green passion in us, and we are loving it!”

Betty and Caroline

The Curl Ambassadors

“I’ve been searching for a company like Green Circle Salons to work with forever. I come from Italy, and there is almost no waste there, it’s just how it is. I’m glad the same mentality is finally coming to Canada.”

Lina Lomangino

Owner, Michael's Hair Body Mind

“Green Circle offers a fun, simple, straightforward and creative way to deal with the environmental problems of our industry. The best thing is that it has a positive impact on both the health of our communities, AND our bottom-line! Ultimately, we’re all on the same team when it comes to living on our beautiful planet, let’s take care of it”

Catherine Moreau

Owner, Loki Salon

“The amount of excess product, colour, water and waste that leaves the salon is astonishing. We need to keep our planet healthy and beautiful, this is what inspires us and makes us strong. The GCS solution is not only good for the environment, it means better business.”

Maurice Fiorio

Owner/Founder, Fiorio Salon and Spa

“We love being a part of the Green Circle movement! It allows us to give back to our community through maintaining a healthy environment for our employees and our guests”.

Amber George

Owner, Verve Hair Lounge

“At Supernova, we are a salon with a conscience. Our stylists care and our clients care. With the Green Circle program in place, our clients can feel good knowing they’ve contributed to a positive environmental initiative and that we are taking care of all of the waste from their visit. It’s a look good, feel good experience.”

Dana Lyseng

Owner, Supernova Salon

“As a former professional, having been an instructor and seeing the old way (and now the new way), I think this is something that has got to be taught in schools so that upcoming people in the industry are educated on this. It’s being used by the general public, so it needs to be part of the hairdressing curriculum.”


Ontario salon guest

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