“Even though recycling now collect aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard and steel we still were throwing away a lot of things that seemed like they could be recycled. A call to our collection company let me know that they would not take foil with hair color on it, color tubes, or any plastics beyond #1 or #2.

Then along came Green Circle Salons and I am still celebrating! Every time I pack up a shipping box and send it off I know that we are making a difference! We are able to divert so much waste from going into the landfill. Not only do we send all plastics including plastic gloves, we send foils with hair color on them, color tubes, and hair clippings which are then made into oil booms to soak up oil spills! My personal favorite is that we can send the hair color that is left in the bowl after the stylist is done with the application. I really can’t say enough good things about Green Circle Salons and everyone that I have met from the company.”

Gretchen Brow

Co-owner, Rejuvenation Spa

Earth Month

GCS Member Salon Collaboration

“As the largest network of salons and spas in this region, we need to take the lead in reducing our carbon footprint as an industry, and the time is now. By joining the network of Green Circle Salons, we can divert around 70 to 90 per cent of what we used to send to landfill. ​Our goal is to make our salons and spas 100 percent sustainable by 2020. This would include both the hair and esthetics side of our business.​ W​e encourage all salons to follow our lead and join this important movement.”

Peter Mahoney

Salon Resource Group (Head Shoppe Salons)

Alexandre Chabot

Directeur Artistique, Matrix Canada

“We are so grateful to be a part of the Green Circle vision and community. It’s wonderful to see how many of our members have created Green Circle programs and how proud they are to show them off. It’s hip to be green!”

Debbie Nickel

Executive Director, BeautyCouncil Western Canada

“I was amazed at just how much we are able to recycle. The amount of garbage we stop from going into landfills is mind boggling. I know the earth thanks you and us for our efforts.”

Sylvia Cunningham

Owner, Sylvia & Co

“As soon as Green Circle approached us about their “going green” initiatives, everyone was on board! Right off the bat our guests were interested in the process and how we, along with help from Green Circle are making an effort to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly salon. This experience has even inspired our employees to go more green at home and spread the word to their clients! It’s very motivating for everyone to see how much we’re saving from waste and how we’re contributing to a clean environment.”

Ramsey Sayah

Owner, Texture Hair Salon

“We are so pleased to be a part of Green Circle salons! The switch made an enormous difference right away, not only in the amount of waste reduced, but in our overall pride in our business. We are happy to educate our clients on what used to become of the waste in the salon, and what is happening to it now. Most people are shocked, impressed and proud to support a forward-thinking business. Not only is it great for the environment, but it is easy as well. We are exceedingly impressed with Green Circle and would recommend the service to all other salons and spas!”

Jacylyn Badduke

The Fringe Hair

“Our clients are happy to be a part of a conscious decision to reduce their impact on the environment. When we tell them that their own hair, in particular, may be used for such purposes as to help absorb the impact(s) of the petroleum industry, they seem puzzled and curious. Giving clients an opportunity to assist in these ways, letting them know that as a salon we seek out the best alternatives to help sustain their beauty and the planet…well, its a win-win situation. We have fun with the program. We collect from our clients the GuiltFreeGorgeous Fee – bringing levity to an ongoing and serious concern. At navigate we speak in the highest regard about GCS.”

John Taccone

Owner, Navigate Salon

“What do you do when a company like Green Circle Salons approaches you, offering to help your salon and customers do their part to contribute to a sustainable beauty industry? You say, “Where do I sign?”

The program allows us to help lower our impact on the environment and take direct responsibility for how much of a footprint we leave behind. Our staff was extremely eager to get the program up and running and show it off to their clients. Our clients appreciate that we have partnered with GCS to aid our industry in banding together to help the environment, and they love that we’ve jumped on this opportunity to participate.”

Rob Malone

Co-owner, Oiseau Salon

“As the person who does almost all of the hair sweeping, and chemical disposal, I can tell you from experience that these extra steps really take no extra time, but what an incredible difference they make to our great planet! It is Green Circle’s mission to make all Canadian salons sustainable by 2020, and I’m happy to help them in any way I can with that goal.”

Emma Austin

Stylist, The Village Salon

“At Hype Hair Studio we strive to be an environmentally responsible salon, and working with Green Circle Salons has made this initiative that much easier. We are now able to recycle and re-purpose the majority of our waste from foils, colour tubes, unused or excess chemicals and even hair. We are very proud to be partnering with such a great company and share in the philosophy and importance of green salons worldwide!”

Caylee Wasilenko

Winner of Canada's Best Beauty Talent, and owner of Hype Hair Studio

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