GCS launches "My Green Salon" APP!

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On Earth Day 2014, Green Circle Salons officially launched the "My Green Salon" app!
The app is designed to help salon guests discover, locate and learn important details about the world’s first and largest network of environmentally responsible salons and spas. Green Circle Member Salons and spas are committed to igniting and supporting a pathway that advances positive green change, helping to keep our communities healthy and vibrant. Today, more and more information about sustainability is becoming available for green-minded consumers, and the "My Green Salon" app takes this movement the next level for salon guests.
The app not only provides information about GCS Certified Salons, but also allows these Member Salons to promote upcoming charity events or promotions, by informing users in their area when these exciting activities take place. Salon guests and professionals can also get information about GCS material collections, news updates, and upcoming in-salon campaigns!
When creating the app, environmental responsibility was a key priority for GCS and the development team. That's why "My Green Salon" has been created as the first renewably powered app! All of the energy used to run the app and store its information comes from Bullfrogpower, Canada's 100 percent green energy provider.
The goal of Green Circle Salons is to spread awareness about the need for and availability of environmentally responsible beauty services; with the launch of the "My Green Salon" app, this information is just a click away!
Some key features of the app:

• Save money and the planet by choosing the best & most environmentally responsible salons in your neighborhood
• Quickly and easily identify salon details such as contact info, products carried, price range, images, hours of operation & more through the Green Salon Directory
• Discover special promotions & incentives offered by the GCS network of Member Salons
• Encourage salons to become Green Circle Certified. When they join, GCS will reward you with a $75 Gift card at that salon!
• Stay informed by learning how Green Circle Certified salons are raising the bar in the salon industry, and working together to create positive green change 
To learn more, download the "My Green Salon" app today!
download for iPhone                                 download for Android