GCS launches in Chicago!

On April 1st, Green Circle Salons Illinois officially opened its doors to the Windy City!

The first of its kind, America’s new industry-specific waste recycler will enable salons and spas across the country to demonstrate environmental leadership, just as Canadian salons have been doing since Green Circle Salons' inception in 2009.

The US-based waste diversion program is making green change possible, for salons that otherwise have very few solutions for the recycling or repurposing of most materials. While some American businesses have access to paid recycling for paper and plastic, the bulk of salon waste – hair, metals, excess chemicals, and much more – has always been destined for the trash bin. Salons on the program are now promoting responsible business practices in the community, by ensuring that over 95 percent of their waste will never make it to the landfill.

“We see such a fantastic opportunity for greening the haircare industry here”, says GCS Regional Director Amy Goei. “The Midwest has always been a fantastic place for people to come and learn about the latest hair trends and techniques, so it’s a great fit. Chicago is home to so many fantastic salons, manufacturers and distribution teams. It’s a true world class city, and we want to help keep it beautiful!

Through the addition of the Hairmail program, GCS is now able to collect salon waste far beyond the borders of Chicago. Salons all throughout the US are becoming environmentally proactive through the greening of their salons. Green Circle Salons is very pleased to be able to extend its commitment towards maximum waste diversion and recycling into the United States!