Spring 2014 "Green Report" now in salons!

The next time you're visiting a Green Circle Certified salon, keep an eye out for the Spring 2014 Green Report.  
Published twice a year, the Green Report highlights everything going on inside the Green Circle Salons family. The Report keeps everyone on the same page by informing salon professionals and their guests about ongoing charity and social awareness initiatives, the opening up of new Green Circle Salons operations in different regions, and the announcement of new opportunities to get further involved in positive green change. The Report also features a "Green Circle Salons in action" photo mosaic, where you might just see some familiar faces from inside the salon! 
The Spring 2014 Green Report announced many notable developments, including the expansion of the sustainable salon movement into the US! The report also announced the Earth Day 2014 launch of the "My Green Salon" app, designed to help smartphone users easily locate and communicate with their closest Green Circle Member Salon. The app features links to interesting social media content, allows salons to schedule collections, and helps them to promote their upcoming business and charity events.
To read the Spring 2014 Green Report, click here!