GCS recognized at Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards!

Green Living acknowledges the GCS commitment to excellence
Canada’s fourth annual Excellence in Corporate Responsibility (ECR) Awards took place Wednesday November 26, 2014 in Toronto and Green Circle Salons was among its finalists!
Professionals from a range of industries were eligible to apply. Judging was based on leadership and innovation, performance and results, and process. The awards were created to recognize an outstanding commitment to corporate responsibility, a factor that is becoming increasingly recognized and respected in the business world. According to Green Living, "These awards seek to recognize the heroes within corporations who are driving corporate responsibility... The applicant must have played an instrumental role in driving positive change within [the] organization. 
Some of the factors that have allowed Green Circle Salons to excel in its commitment to corporate responsibility:
  • Utilizing route optimization software that minimizes the pollution created in the waste collection process, and carbon offsets for all vehicular emissions.
  • Partnering with Trees Ontario and Forest Recovery Canada has allowed GCS to provide new, meaningful methods of further giving back to the planet through planting and GHG emissions reduction.
  • Encouraging an active and eco-friendly lifestyle, GCS provides loans for the purchase of bicycles and other alternative transportation methods, with generous pay-back timelines.
  • In 2014, GCS instituted an employee appreciation contest which treats personnel to monthly outings that have positive local, environmental and cultural implications.
  • Green Circle Salons performs annual audits of its business practices, including a detailed carbon footprint assessment.
  • GCS has opted to bullfrogpower all of its offices and warehouses, and the "My Green Salon" app is hosted by a bullfrogpowered server.
  • Social Assets Measurement's report on Green Circle Salons' "Social Return on Investment" was commissioned in 2014,in order to measure the impact that GCS has at multiple levels - the changing environmental attitudes of clients, reduced energy expenditure/carbon footprint inside the salon, and the reduction in emissions at the level of recycling/repurposing/waste diversion. 
GCS would like to thank all of the individuals, salon industry brands and green partners who have helped to make excellence in corporate responsibility a reality!