Lending a hand in Lac Mégantic


In an effort to make an impact in the oil spill recovery for the Lac Mégantic and Chaudière River, the Green Circle Salons team visited Lac Mégantic to see firsthand the status of the water and recovery project. Green Circle Salons has over 10,000 lbs of hair to offer for a potential hair boom project to help clean up the lake and river, yet it has been difficult to get answers from officials in the area about their clean up plans.
Oil slicks flow steadily throughout the Chaudière River, which has been cordoned off 
in an attempt to redirect and pool the oil.
While in the region, the team met with Carole Laplante, municipal councillor for Sainte Marie, a town that borders the Chaudière River. Carole was very interested in the hair boom project and has strong ties to the other town municipal councillors along the river. It's clear that municipalities bordering the river are concerned about the environmental risks that the oil poses, and they haven’t heard about a clear action plan from the officials in charge of the cleanup at this point.

The GCS team deployed hair booms to do some trial work on a particular section of the river where there was a thin film on the top of the water. In this section, the oil was extremely light, and so the tests were inconclusive. While there was definite oil absorption, the results weren't as dramatic as those experienced with heavier crude oil in a calm body of water. The constant flow of the river made it difficult to know how much oil was being recuperated by the hair booms, compared to the new oil flowing down the river. 

 GCS team members Chris Jue, Shane Price and Scott Moon conduct oil absorption tests
on the Chaudière Riverdownstream from Lac Mégantic
At this point, residents located around the water must still wait to see what direction the officials will take for the oil spill recovery project, as their priority is still sifting through the wreckage from the explosion. The GCS visit to Lac Megantic concluded after a meeting with Radio-Canada (CBC's French television network) to report about volunteer cleanup efforts, in hopes that it would encourage city officials to do more official testing with hair booms and to measure the percentage of oil retention.

We are proud of the GCS Members that have been contributing to the 10,000 lbs of hair currently available to help with this disaster, and are encouraged by the outpouring of support from new salons that also want to donate their hair to this cause. Our hearts are with all of those affected by this tragedy and we hope that our efforts will lead to positive results for the eventual oil spill cleanup.