Sending our love to Africa

In 2012, Green Circle Salons announced its partnership with Hair Cares, an initiative started by Ontario professionals with a vision for haircare to be practiced around the world without restraints. The goal of the partnership was to collect useable material from salons across Ontario for shipment to the haircare division of Mully Children's Family in Africa. 
Mully Children's Family is a Christian organization that rescues, rehabilitates, educates and empowers children in Kenya, Africa. The organization has helped to raise over 6000 children to date, simultaneously offering shelter, education and real world life skills to the most destitute children across Africa.
Hairstyling is among the many trades and skill sets taught, and has a large following with the young women of MCF. With the help of industry professionals, manufacturers and distributors, and other local businesses, the Hair Cares team has been able to collect thousands of items for donation to the MCF school. These students are now able to practise what they love with professional salon tools, equipment and product. 
With the help of Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation (MCFCF), the Canada-based charitable wing of the organization, the Hair Cares team was also able to raise funds to enable the shipment of these items to the school's home base in Yatta, Kenya. The first shipment has arrived in Africa, and a second shipment containing material donated from GCS Members is scheduled for arrival in the summer of 2013.
 Students from Mully Children's Family unload the Hair Cares shipment at their Yatta location. 
Phase 2 of this ongoing support effort will involve the private sponsorship of young African girls, enabling them to be rescued, educated and ultimately trained to become hairstylists through the school's program. The cost to sponsor a hairstylist for this 3 year opportunity is approximately $1,000, and will soon become available for salons across Canada to become involved in.
Hairstyling students at the Yatta location practice on each other, and hundreds of other children from MCF.
We would like to thank all of the salons that have gotten involved in this meaningful initiative, and encourage ongoing support throughout the second phase to help realize the ultimate possibilities that we can offer these children.
Special congratulations are due to Mandy MacFadden and the Hair Cares team at Salon Decorum, for acting on their creative vision in order to make this project a reality!
 MFC Founder Dr. Charles Mulli and his wife Esther pose for a picture with the Hair Cares team
from Salon Decorum, during a recent trip to Canada. 
What did Ontario GCS Members donate to MCF?
  • 12 cutting/washing chairs 
  • 10 rolling carts
  • 4 sinks
  • 80 capes/aprons
  • 28 blowdryers & curling irons
  • 41 combs & brushes
  • 4 full-size salon stations
  • 3 large bags of rollers
  • 3 styling books
  • ...and MORE!