Is HAIR the Next Bamboo?

"Is hair  the resource we've been waiting for all this time?"
This is the question that manufacturers all over the world are asking, as more and more products are being crafted using hair as a versatile (and readily available) building block.
At present, hair is still being swept up and discarded in huge amounts, but a growing number of creative thinkers are starting to use this renewable resource as a filler due to its strong fibers and the many applications it can be incorporated into.
In the UK, former hairstylist Ronald Thompson created a luxury "Stiletto Chair" made from 4.5 pounds of human hair: "I picked up a piece of fibreglass, which snapped when I stretched it. Then I did the same thing with a strand of hair, which didn't. This sparked my thinking about how we could make use of all this spare hair to make a stronger fibreglass-type product that is environmentally friendly and sustainable".
By avoiding petroleum-based products such as fibreglass in favor of more sustainable choices,  manufacturers will not only be reducing our consumption of non-renewables, but will also help to ensure that our products become more resilient. It's been suggested that structural materials - such as beams, scaffolding and flooring - can all be created sustainably with the incorporation of hair.
Recently, a UK-based design group created fashionable eyewear by incorporating hair clippings with a bioresin binding agent. The result is 100% renewable, biodegradable eyewear that is also totally free of petroleum-based products.  Not surprisingly, groups all over the world have been examining the properties of hair in an effort to come up with helpful ways to use it in their projects. 
Hair is a renewable material that can be woven, bound, hardened, and mulched to fit any number of applications... which begs the question: Is it the new wonder resource?
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