Canada's First Green Academy

Green Circle Salons is proud to now be serving the L’Oreal Professional Products Academy in Toronto, including Redken, Matrix, Pureology and L’Oreal Professionel.
The L’Oreal Professional Products Academy is the first professional hairstyling academy in Canada to be engaged in a recycling program; with the help of Green Circle Salons the Academy team will now be able to safely dispose of their solid waste (paper, plastic, hair clippings, foils, and tubes), as well as excess hair chemicals. The Academy’s unused or expired product is being collected and disposed of by GCS as well, offering an excellent opportunity to keep dangerous chemicals from being disposed of in potentially harmful ways.
According to Mikaël Henry, Senior VP for L’Oreal PPD Canada, “It is fundamental that our academies around the world show how important recycling has become in our industry. After partnering with Green Circle Salons with all the brands of the Professional Products Division of L’Oréal, it was obvious that our Academy in Toronto needed to be on the Green Circle recycling program.”
Scott Moon, the General Manager for Redken Canada, agrees that, “It’s important that we have an opportunity to talk about this with stylists from across the county, to sensitize them to this movement.”
Thousands of stylists come to the Academy every year to train with some of the industry’s best artists. L’Oreal, Redken and Matrix brands each occupy space inside this state-of-the-art facility, where renowned educators teach the latest hairstyling tricks and trends. This is an excellent opportunity for both new stylists and those looking to stay current to learn about how the industry is being greened.  Mr. Moon believes that, “Stylists, as consumers, have been sensitized to the importance of recycling everyday in our homes. To know now that there’s an opportunity to divert the chemical waste in the industry, to be clean and green at the same time, is a huge opportunity for our industry to cover our eco footprint.”
“We feel that our partnership with GCS, and especially to have the Academy be fully green, allows us to educate our salons about the importance of this movement. It furthers Redken’s mission in educating salons not only on how to operate a profitable salon, but also how to operate an eco-friendly salon, and to use that to drive business", says Mr. Moon.
With the help of the L’Oreal Professional Products Academy and the Matrix, Pureology, L'Oreal Professionel and Redken brands, the ripple of sustainability will now be spreading to thousands of stylists, new and old, every year!