Hair's an Idea!!


GCS Staff members were very excited to pitch in at a local children’s camp last Monday, where adults and youth joined together to help offer a sense of comfort and relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Although the ongoing financial support for the disaster has been outstanding, many Haitians are still living without any of the comforts that we take for granted.

The idea of making emergency bedding out of milk bags that otherwise go into landfill was dreamt up in the late nineties by a Kitchener/Waterloo area woman. Angela Kesthely caught on to this idea, and began weaving together left over plastic milk bags to create a cushioned mat to support those living in camps with nothing to sleep on. The best part is, these bags (that would normally end up in our landfill) can last up to 20 years when woven into a mat! See the City TV News story.
When GCS Founder Shane Price was invited to sit on the steering committee for Angela's project, he thought to add a twist: the hair clippings from salons across Ontario. Knowing that once sterilized and dried, hair clippings would make the perfect filler, he set to work with Angela to create more items for use in the camps. By the end of one day the group had made over 110 pillows!
Starting with a milk bag, volunteers add hair clippings until the bag is stuffed, the bag is then sewn shut, and then wrapped in a fabric pillow case, and finally, sewn shut once more giving the comfortable look and feel of a pillow that we’re all used to.

In the coming months, volunteers from Angela's team will be travelling to Haiti so that they can teach people in the emergency camps how to make this brilliant bedding on site. The hope is that it will be an economic opportunity for women in the camps, as well as a way to cut down on carbon emissions while sending the donated materials overseas.

For those wishing to take part in this rewarding volunteer effort, GCS, Angela and the people of Haiti would be happy to have your help! Please feel free to contact us at Green Circle Salons and we will point you in the right direction.