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1 be green   2 earn revenue   3 get noticed
we recycle & repurpose hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics AND divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain we enable salons through a funding tool that will drive revenue into your business every single month everyone is involved and everyone wins! get noticed by consumers looking to channel their spending into like-minded green-minded businesses through our online green salon directory
"We're always looking for standouts in the beauty industry to feature on our blog. We love Green Circle Salons philosophy of keeping people and the planet beautiful. Their programs have a positive impact on the environment and the future of our planet - that makes me sleep better at night. I hope GCS inspires people to ...
- Natasha Bernardi, Bernardi Beauty Blog
"When people find out that we are a Green Circle Salon, it drives more environmentally conscious consumers into our chairs! It's simply amazing to see the amount of recyclable material that is diverted out of our landfill from just us alone. It makes us happy to know that we are doing our little part to make our environment just a bit ...
- Kylie Solverson, Stylist, Persona Hair Group
"I have always been very concerned with the negative impact that our industry has on the environment. I found myself in a constant battle with my conscience as I was throwing mass amounts of foil, hair, and chemicals into the garbage. Green Circle Salons makes it so easy to do a great thing for the environment! The system is efficient, ...
- Jess Wakutz, Stylist, Pure Hair Studio
"We are very proud to be a Green Circle Member as of August 2012. Together with our clients & GCS, we can make our salon home into a GREEN home which recycles up to 95% of our waste! We stand tall and proud to be part of this movement. In life change take time and effort, but we must open our eyes to the future and stand together to ...
- Maria Racco, Co-owner, Artists Salon & Spa

"As a former professional, having been an instructor and seeing the old way (and now the new way), I think this is something that has got to be taught in schools so that upcoming people in the industry are educated on this. It's being used by the general public, so it needs to be part of the hairdressing curriculum."

- Connie, Ontario salon guest

find the BEST & GREENEST salons in your city and look for their special promotions!

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